Being new can be intimidating.

We are here to help make your first visit a great experience! Our worship celebration begins at 10am every Sunday. When you walk in you will be greeted and handed a program with the service for the day and some information about our community. You are welcome to sit wherever you are most comfortable.

Please consider being fully vaccinated before retuning to in-person worship and activites.

Live on Sunday's @10am

You can also view past services on our facebook page or by clicking HERE.

Where are we?

We are located on the corner of 6th and B streets in historic Grants Pass, Oregon. We have two parking lots – one located on B street next to the education and office building and the other on located on the corner of 6th and A streets. There is a ramp into the sanctuary located on the 6th street side of the building and between the Church and Education Buildings. If you need a ramp to enter the building we recommend parking in the lot on 6th street. 

Do people dress up for church?

No. We’re a casual group. You will see people in church with t-shirts and others with more professional or formal attire. Wear whatever’s comfortable. We don’t need to dress up for God.

Are there activities for children?

Children are always welcome in our church! We have a children's space at the back of the sanctuary with activities and books for children. This is a great space if your family needs some space to spread out or actives to keep the little ones engaged. Children are welcome to participate in worship as they feel comfortable. They are welcome to sing and dance along to the music, explore the sanctuary, and just be kids. 

Can I bring my infant?

Of course you can! We welcome infants here at Newman even if they are crying. The restrooms in our sanctuary have changing tables. There is also space at the back of the sanctuary with a rocking chair for nursing mothers. 

What is your worship style?

At Newman, our worship celebrations are a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. Our most traditional Sunday is the first Sunday of the month where we celebrate Holy Communion together. On this Sunday the service is slightly more formal and features music from our pipe organ and the piano. The 2nd and 4th Sunday’s are our most contemporary services featuring our Spirit and Soul Band. They play a wide variety of music from rock to gospel, to jazz, to country, and even pop. Our Spirit and Soul band is not your typical church band! We incorporate the use of sacred and secular music to create a dynamic and meaningful worship experience.

Check out our online services under the worship online tab. 

What is Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is a ritual celebrated by Christians worldwide. Each denomination of Christianity celebrates it a little different. We celebrate communion as a reminder of God’s love for us and the promise of redemption made in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. We remember the words Jesus spoke to his friends at the Passover table in the days leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his friends telling them to remember him whenever they do so. Today when we eat the bread representing Christ’s body and drink from the cup representing the promise of redemption and the forgiveness of sins, we remember that God loves us beyond any understanding we could possibly imagine. In the act of communion we offer ourselves as holy and living sacrifice promising to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world.

Communion is open to everyone who seeks a relationship with God. No matter your faith history, or however many bad things you may have done Jesus always leaves a seat open at the table for you. We do not turn anyone away from the communion table. We practice the intinction method of communion where you are handed a piece of bread and then invited to dip it into a chalice of grape juice. Communion is served on the 1st Sunday of each month. A gluten free option is always available.