Who We Are

This is our focus: Love God, Love People and Serve the World. It sounds simple and it is! We Love God through acts of worship and celebration. We Love People through our small groups, in which we learn, grow and play. We Serve the World through our mission and outreach, both here in our community and in the wider world. Come join us as we follow Jesus by loving God, loving people and serving the world.

Newman United Methodist Church is unique in Grants Pass in that it is the lone progressive Christian presence. We approach our faith lives with a belief that God can withstand  our questions and even our our questions to help us grow.

We offer a safe, uplifting place to worship, learn and serve for people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual and gender orientations, and political persuasions. We remain loyal to our Christian and United Methodist heritage while striving to encounter the world in a relevant and meaningful way.